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Canine Spa Services:

Medium Dogs 20-45lbs

Bath: $95+

Touch Up: $100+

Haircut: $120+

Large Dogs 45-65 lbs

Bath: $120+

Touch Up: $130+

Haircut: $145+

X-Large/ Double Coated: Text for quote. There may be a weight/size restriction. Thank You!

Prices are estimates or general quotes based on pets that have been groomed regularly on a monthly basis. DeMatting or DeShedding is extra. Minimum service call is $95. $50 for Nail Trim Only Service depending on route*** Price is also determined by condition, breed, style, and temperament. Price is determined at time of completion of grooming.

Small Dogs Under


Bath: $75

Touch Up: $85+

Haircut: $105+


Spa Day Includes:


Check Condition of Coat and Skin:

This will let us know if there are any abnormal conditions such as fleas, ticks, dry skin, previous

sores,  lumps & bumps, skin irritations etc.

Custom Bath: 

Natural and Eco-friendly Shampoos and Conditioners suiting your pets needs. This will be hand applied and massaged onto the coat and skin. Hand application ensures that every inch of the pet is cleaned. Then followed up by a warm and relaxing rinse.

Clean Ears:

With vet approved cleaning and drying solution. This is perfect for pets with ear problems to help keep ears clean and healthy.

Brush Teeth: 

Oral hygiene is just as important for your pets as it is for you. Included is a light brushing of the teeth and breath freshener. Included is also an assessment of condition of the teeth. I will let you know if it is time to see a vet for a dental. 

Sanitary Trim: 

Eye hairs are cleaned and trimmed. Feet, pad hairs, and private areas are neatened up. 

Trim and File Nails:

Nails are trimmed and filed short and smooth as allowed.

Light De-shedding:

As with any bath, a light de-shedding is included. For overly blown out coats and heavy shedding there will be a de-shedding fee.

Finishing Bow/Bandana and Furfume


Bath & Brush: Includes no hair trimming. 


Tidy Up: Includes all the above plus Sanitary trimming of Feet, Face, and Private areas. 


Full Groom Spa Day: Includes all of the above plus Haircut of choice. 


Treats: Nothing says good dog like a yummy treat. Please let us know if your pet has any allergies or you would prefer to provide us your own treats or for us not to feed your pet. 

Thank you!

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