Extra Spa


$20 Extra Nail Trim

$5 Home Brought Shampoo Service(Like medicated)

$1/Min Minor De-mat:  

 *Severely matted pets will need to be shaved and start over*

$10 Deep Moisture Treatment:

 *Deep moisture for itchy, dry, and flaky irritated skin*

$10 Gentle Anal Gland Expression:

*Expression is not included with grooming services. Request only and during Bath* 

$15 De-Shedding Treatment: 

*While shedding cannot be completely eliminated, you'll notice a huge

difference in the amount your dog sheds. I remove as much hair as I can*

$50 Cancellation Fee/Pet


Forever Whiskers Mobile Grooming Benefits: 

What is important is knowing that your pet will not have to spend a whole day at the salon or in a cage.  Most appointments range from 30 min to 2 hours depending on the service. You will love the luxury of having my mobile salon in front of your home or office saving you the hassle of picking up and dropping off your pet at a grooming salon! Being located close to home helps your pets have less stress as they are familiar with their environment. You will love the quality of service when your pet leaves feeling wonderfully soft, clean, and smelling good and Happy!





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