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"I'm the Gentle Paw Spa"

Our Philosophy

My philosophy is to offer a comfortable and stress free grooming experience for your pet. No forcing them to accomplish a task. Comfort and Trust is what I strive for. This also means that your pet will not have to wait long hours in a grooming salon or cage. You will not have to worry about transporting a nervous pet or dirty pet to be groomed.  


Meet Amber! 

Our Passion 

Commonly I am approached to help solve issues that might be affecting your pet such as: Matting, Fleas, Dandruff, Scratchy and Itchy Dry Skin, Hot Spots, Allergies, Shedding, Odors, Dirty Ears, Long Nails, Bad Breathe, Dirty Bums etc. I strive to help make each pet as comfortable as can be with my spa services during each pets exclusive spa day in our cozy self-contained mobile pet salon. 

Our Vision

​​My mobile spa only uses the highest quality shampoos and conditioners for your special pets skin and coat needs. Every groom is completed with the upmost care and compassion using the latest professional techniques in our industry.  I offer exclusive attention in my cozy self-contained mobile pet spa. We are convenience at your home or office! 

​Pet Perfect

Everything Luxurious For A Distinguished Dog


I grew up in my Grandmas grooming salon in which we had in our family for over 40 years. This makes me a 3rd generation groomer! It is here where I found my passion for cutting hair. I grew to be calm, patient, and loving. This is necessary for nervous pets.  In 2012 I started my mobile Salon Forever Whiskers.


Every year I go to my industries seminars and training events to further my education and my knowledge in grooming. It is there and through networking with other groomers that we learn and grow. We share information on products and tools to help make our lives and your pets spa experience up to date and the best that is offered! 


I am convenient at your home or office! With most appointments less than 1.5 hours. My mobile spa is climate controlled with relaxing hot water and air conditioning. For those chilly days, the van can be pre-warmed with the furnace. I work in a  2016 Mercedez Sprinter Van that is a majority inverter powered and more Green. 


I am passionate about animals. I look forward to building a caring relationship with you and your pets. I am happy to welcome your fur-baby like one of my own. Safety and compassion are my specialties. I love what I do and welcome clients into my grooming family. Having a happy healthy dog that just feels wonderful and spunky after they have been groomed is what I am all about! 

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